When face painting, you don’t have to follow the norm. You can use any colors you want. Thinking outside the box can produce exciting, vibrant images like this one.

The tiger is the largest of the cat species and can reach a total body length of up to 11 feet and can weigh up to 670 pounds. Their most recognizable feature is a pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with lighter underparts.

Cat face painting is one of the more requested face paintings.

As this young lad demonstrates, a face painting can be just some simple lines and still be effective.

Just choose the right colors and go! You can do it!

Cat Face Painting

Twin Cat Face Paintings

Two beautiful young ladies showing off their cat face paintings.

“The Cat in the Hat” is a very popular children’s book written by Dr. Seuss. It features a tall mischievous cat wearing a very tall, red and white-striped hat and a red bow tie. He is also usually seen with an umbrella. Probably the most popular cat of all time, he appeared in six of Dr. Seuss’s books. Face paintings of cats are easy!

Cat Face Painting

Cat Face Painting

A pretty young lady showing off her face painting of a cat.

The Persian cat is a cat which is characterized by its long hair, round face, and shortened muzzle. The Persian cat received its name from its place of origin: Persia. In face painting, the cat is one of the most requested animals to be painted.

Cat Face Painting

Cat Face Painting

It doesn’t take a lot to become proficient at face painting. A little practice and you’ll be there. And there really isn’t any mistakes anyway.

Cats and people have been around each other for almost 10,000 years. Cats are the most popular pet in the world and can be found almost anywhere in the world.

Cat Face Painting

Simple But Effective Cat Face Painting

Sometimes just plain, simple lines are the most effective. Face painting is not hard – just do it!

Cats have been with us humans for close to 10,000 years and are the world’s most popular pet. There’s a reason for that!

Cat Face Painting

Face Painting of a Cat Complete with Cat Outfit

In this image, a cat outfit completes the cat face painting.

When a cat kneads with their paws on or into a person or a favorite blanket, for instance, they are showing their contentedness.

Cat Face Painting

Cat Face Painting

Don’t be scared to try different things when face painting. It really is hard to make a mistake. A few simply drawn lines is sometimes all it takes.

A tabby cat is a cat with a distinctive pattern of marks on its coat. The pattern will feature stripes, dots, or swirling patterns, and will usually form an “M” mark on its forehead. Though “Tabbies” are sometimes thought to be a cat breed, tabby is, in fact, just a pattern. And the tabby pattern can be found in many breeds of cats; as well as in mixed breeds.

Well-done face painting of a cat (tiger) on a handsome, young man.

Face painting is so easy to do. Get yourself some face paint and some brushes and give it a try. It’s almost impossible to make a mistake.

Picture taken at the World Bodypainting Festival 2009 in Seeboden, Austria. The photo shows only a part of a full body painting.

You should keep lots of wipes handy when painting. You’ll need them for your brushes, your hands, little faces, mistakes, etc. Baby wipes work great for this.

Cat Face Painting

Using the Full Face for a Cat Face Painting

A face painting of a cat can be a few simple lines of color or it can cover the whole face as this image demonstrates.

Cats are the world’s most popular pet. The earliest scientific evidence of the domestication of the cat is the skeletal remains of a kitten which was found buried with its owner approximately 10,000 years ago in Cyprus.

Adding glitter to your face painting design can have a dramatic effect. However, if you do use glitter, make sure it is safe to use when applied to the face. You should at least check with the manufacturer before you use it or better yet, buy glitter specifically made for face painting. You can always apply a small amount to the underarm or other area before using to check for a reaction.

Cat Face Painting

Full Cat Face Painting Complete With Ears

As this image demonstrates, adding a couple of things other than paint can add greatly to the effect of the face painting.

Though they prefer to hunt alone, cats are a social animal and use different vocalizations and types of body language to communicate. Cats are the world’s most popular pet.

Cat Face Painting

Cat Face Painting

Beautiful young lady with a very pretty cat face painting.

When seeking attention (for either food or affection) cats will often rub their bodies against a human’s leg. They will do this with their back arched and their tale raised.

If you’re new to face painting, you should probably start with simple designs. Many kids have trouble sitting still for any length of time. An elaborate painting may take longer to finish than a small child is able to sit still for. And face painting should be all about fun – especially for the kids!

Cat Face Painting

Face Painting of Cat with Flower

As this image shows, in face painting you are limited only by your imagination.

Cats come in all different sizes and colors but their generally light and flexible bodies help make them the natural skilled predator that they are. Cats hunt using their great sense of hearing and their excellent eyesight.

Picture of a very well done tiger face painting. Notice the “tiger-pattern” hat and jacket to complete the look.

Face painting can be simple or elaborate. It’s just up to your imagination.

Cat Face Painting

Young Lady With a Face Painting of a Cat

Young lady demonstrates how a few colors, a little glitter, and some simple line drawings can make a beautiful face painting of a cat.

Because of their close association with people (they are considered the world’s most popular pet), cats are now found almost everywhere on Earth.

Cat Face Painting

A More Elaborate Cat Face Painting

Face painting of a cat can be as simple as a few lines to a more elaborate painting like this one being shown.

“He grins like a Cheshire cat.” We have all heard that phrase but what does it mean? The Cheshire cat is a fictional cat made popular by the book by Lewis Carroll, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

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