Face Painting Pirate

Twin Pirates – twice as much fun!

Famous pirates from the golden age of piracy include Blackbeard (Edward Teach), William ‘Captain’ Kidd, Bartholomew Roberts, Henry Morgan, and ‘Calico’ Jack Rackham.

Picture of a pirate face painting with a real (not painted) eye patch. Using real items like an eye patch, hats, temporary tattoos, etc., can really speed up the art of face painting.

The years between 1650 – 1720 were very active years for pirates. So much so, in fact, that those years are sometimes referred to as the “Golden Age” of piracy.

Face Painting Pirate

Some beard stubble, a simple mustache, an eye patch, and a bandanna is all it takes to paint an effective pirate face. A scar or two on the cheek can also be used for extra effect.

September 19th (every year) is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Scary Pirate

This more elaborate face painting of a pirate is accessorized with pirate head wear and jacket.

Pirate Slang – All Hands Hoay! – “All Hands on Deck!”, everyone on the ship called to the deck, usually for action.

Picture is a good representation of minimalist face painting. Shows work can be minimalistic yet effective.

Get your paint and brushes out! You can do it!

A beard, a mustache, an eye patch, and a bandanna… all the markings of a pirate face painting.

pi·rate (p?’r?t) n. One who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without commission from a sovereign nation.


Lots of background color was used… to good effect… on this pirate face painting.

Items such as a parrot, peg leg, hook, bad teeth, beard, earrings, and eye patch are characteristics commonly associated with a pirate. Any or all of these accessories can be used to complete the pirate face painting.

pirate skull

As this picture shows, two different images can be combined to create an unusual and unique face painting. A pirate and skull were combined for this picture.

Pirate Face Painting

As this picture shows, if you want to paint a pirate face but don’t have a bandanna – paint one! Lacking an eye patch?… you can also paint one of those. Really, some pretty basic lines from a brush can have a dramatic effect.

The eye patch and bandanna are typical characteristics commonly associated with the pirate.

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