Whether you have been face painting for years or have yet to paint your first face, you may be thinking of making your own face paint. As the following recipe will demonstrate, it is easy to make and it is inexpensive. And you can make just enough for what you plan on using so there is no waste.

The following recipe requires just 4 ingredients which are all commonly found in the average household. It is simple enough that, depending on the age of the children, they may make it themselves with little adult supervision. It would be great to make and use at a children’s birthday party. Let the kids make it themselves and then use it to paint each other. They love it!


Easy Face Paint Recipe

1 teaspoon Cold Cream
2 teaspoons Cornstarch
1 teaspoon Water
Food Coloring


Mix together the first two ingredients until well blended. Gradually stir in the water. Then add the food coloring a drop at a time until the desired color is reached. Mixture should be smooth and creamy. You’re done! Simple, huh?

You probably want to make each of the primary colors – red, yellow, and blue. With those three colors you can make any color: mix yellow & blue together to get green, yellow & red to get orange, etc.

Before using the paint on one’s face, a test should be performed to rule out any adverse reaction. Just dab a small amount of the paint on the inside wrist or underarm. Wait at least a half hour to see if there is a reaction. This test should be performed whether you make your own paint or you use store bought paint. Anyone, especially children, may have a reaction.