Face painting ideas are limited only by one’s imagination. That said, some of the more popular ideas include images of bats, balloons, butterflies, clowns, fairies, flags, flowers, ghosts, hearts, ladybugs, pirates, princesses, pumpkins, stars, skeletons, vampires, and witches. Disney and other cartoon characters, and superheroes such as Batman, Flash, and Spiderman are also among the most requested images. Face painting ideas aren’t just limited to images either. “Happy Birthday!” school names, and company logos are popular non-picture ideas.

The origins of face painting can probably be traced back to the olden days when tribesmen would apply dye to their faces before going out to hunt or into battle. They would, of course, try to make themselves look more ferocious and intimidating. Today, face painting is all about fun and entertainment. It is a common activity at festivals and fairs, children’s birthday parties, and really any event where people might congregate.

And while most of our images are face painting designs for kids, face painting is not just for children – grownups from 18 to 80 can enjoy adult face painting as well. Soldiers, for instance, may use face painting for camouflage while other adults may show support for their country by painting a flag across their face or cheek. Others may paint symbols on their faces to show support for their favorite sports team. And, of course, the circus. Have you ever seen a clown without face paint? Clowns and other entertainers and performers are big, big fans of face painting.

One way you can get face painting ideas is to look at what others have done. We have categorized dozens (soon to be hundreds) of simple face painting designs (and a few not so simple) which can be found in the menu to the right.

One of the few books we have found on face painting which we like is Face Painting (The Klutz Kit). And we love this book! It is spiral-bound which means it will lie flat. (Why aren’t more books, especially how-to books, like this?) It features detailed directions for simple sponge and brush techniques. And the best part! – it comes with a six-color palette of face paints, a brush, a sponge, and a bunch of tear-out, take-along design cards. A nice book …actually, more like a face painting kit. And we are not alone in our praise for this book/kit: It is 5-star rated (out of 5 stars) from many customers on Amazon.com where it has received many nice reviews. [easyazon-link asin=”159174430X” locale=”us”]Using this link will get you 34% off and eligible for free shipping (subject to change).[/easyazon-link]

“God has given you one face and you make yourselves another”
– Hamlet

Remember, fun is the bottom line when it comes to face painting ideas!