Picture is a good representation of minimalist face painting. Shows work can be minimalistic yet effective.

Get your paint and brushes out! You can do it!

A beard, a mustache, an eye patch, and a bandanna… all the markings of a pirate face painting.

pi┬Ěrate (p?’r?t) n. One who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without commission from a sovereign nation.


Lots of background color was used… to good effect… on this pirate face painting.

Items such as a parrot, peg leg, hook, bad teeth, beard, earrings, and eye patch are characteristics commonly associated with a pirate. Any or all of these accessories can be used to complete the pirate face painting.

pirate skull

As this picture shows, two different images can be combined to create an unusual and unique face painting. A pirate and skull were combined for this picture.

Pirate Face Painting

As this picture shows, if you want to paint a pirate face but don’t have a bandanna – paint one! Lacking an eye patch?… you can also paint one of those. Really, some pretty basic lines from a brush can have a dramatic effect.

The eye patch and bandanna are typical characteristics commonly associated with the pirate.

You should use paints which are specifically made for face painting. Even then, you should spot test for a reaction on a small area of skin such as the underarm area. Children’s skin can be especially sensitive even to non-toxic paints.

Many sizes of brushes can be used in face painting. Of course, different sizes will produce different effects. Just remember that the finer the detail of the painting, the smaller the brush you should use.

You should always wipe your subject’s face before starting as it’s important to paint on clean skin. Wet wipes work good for this. It is also a good time to briefly check for sores, scratches, or other wounds as you do not want to paint on a face with broken skin.

If you doubt your ability to draw freehand on someone’s face or you just want to save some time doing it, you can use stencils to add that professional look to your work. Stencils make face painting quick and easy.

If you think you can’t paint a face and need some help, one way would be to use temporary tattoos. They will speed up your face painting and can add a professional looking touch. Just paint some simple lines to accentuate the tattoos.

“the spaceman” is the name of this one.

Face painting is easy. But if you think you need some help there are books on the subject… and websites for ideas and inspiration. Just do it! …and then share it with the world.

As this picture shows, sometimes a face painting can be painted on the “back” of the face. There are no rules with face painting.

Face painting is suppose to be fun… it is fun! Just do it! Do it now!

Face painting ideas can come from anywhere. Face painting designs can be very elaborate with many colors or be nothing more a couple of lines (to make a mustache perhaps) or anything in between. Let your imagination run wild! Do it now!

If you’re new to face painting and haven’t even bought supplies yet, two must haves are paint and brushes. While most experienced face painters will buy a whole set of brushes, it is recommended you start with just three: one for fine lines, one for medium lines, and one for large areas. Remember that you can also use sponges for the large areas so you could get by with just two brushes (fine and medium) if need be.

Face painting is a very popular form of entertainment in western cultures. Face painters can be found most anywhere where people congregate such as county fairs and street fairs. Anyone can be a face painter!

There are specialty paints which are made specifically for face painting and these special paints should be used exclusively. Other types of paint such as craft paints or watercolor paints are not meant to be used on the face (or any skin for that matter) and should be avoided. Using these other types of paint could cause severe allergic reactions.

Heart Face Painting

Heart Face Painting

A young lady shows off her bright pink hearts which are arranged in an unusual and unique pattern across her face.

The heart is quite often used as a symbol of love. It can also refer to the soul of a human being.

Heart Face Painting

Heart Face Painting

Hearts are often used as a border around the face as this young lady demonstrates.

Heart Face Painting

Heart Face Painting

A string of hearts borders this young lady’s face.

While actually only vaguely resembling an actual human heart, the “heart shape” is very often associated with romantic love as can be seen by the shape of St. Valentine’s Day cards, candy boxes, and other similar artifacts.

Heart Face Painting

Blue Heart in a Very Unique Face Painting

Thinking outside the box – a very unusual and unique painting of a blue heart on a young lady’s face. Image shows a face painting does not have to cover the whole face… a simple heart over the mouth and a couple of red circles on the cheeks is all that is needed.

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